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animasitolong jangan meniru adegan yang seperti ini!!!karena dapat menyebab kan kematian pada korban!!tapi berhubung itu cuma karun pa2 lah....!!

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gambar gerak


ya...begini lah suasana pas masa orientasi IS(ikatan santri) di PPPI MIFTAHUSSALAM BANYUMAS pada blepotan kaya bebek yang baru mandi lumpur di comberan. tapi kliatannya asyik juga maen kotor-kotoran!sebagai mana rinso bersabda" BERANI KOTOR ITU BAIK" tapi kayanya kejadian yang kaya gitu bakalan gue alami dah cZ gue juga udah jadi IS dah dilantik tapi blom maen kotor-kotornnya,he....he...jadi ngga sabar nih!!

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santri miftahussalam

indahnya kebersamaan!!ini lah keadaan kamar yang gue bimbing di ponpes miftahussalam banyumas,makan bareng-bareng ma anak didik ya kaya begini!!!kata rosulllah"al ja`atu rahmah"tapi ntu yang lagi nongkrong di sebelah kanan deket lemari kaya orang yang lagi marah ngga tau nape???kayanya lagi laper tuh!!!bysa dia mah laper galak kenyang kaya orang gemblung!!!galundeng...........emang pas buat dimakan bareng-bareng!!!

seni musik marawis

assalamualaikum.............ahlan wa sahlan ya akhi....!!!alhamdulillah kita masih biza ketemu lagi ye...!tau ngga ini video pa???yang pasti udah tau lah wong ada judulnya !!he.....he....nanya ko dijawab sendiri!??MARAWIS kalo ngga salah berasal dari negara arab....klo ngga salah lohhh..!!!"KATANYA"!dulu waktu aye masih sekolah di pondok pesantren pendidikan islam AL-BAROKAH aye pernah ngikut gabung di team hajir marawis yang namanya " LIGHOUL MAHBUB"karya santri albarokah!jujur aye seneng main marawis !!tapi waktu memisahkan aye ma marawis setelah aye lulus darialbarokah aye disruh ngedlanjutin pesantren dijawa tengah tepatnya dibanyumas!tapi disono ga da yang namanya marawis ga tau napa??mungkin orang-orang banyumas lom pada kenal ma yang namanya marawis!sorry bukannya aye lagi ngejek!!ntu kan menurut aye...!!tapi di miftahussalam aye jadi punya temen baru asik-asik lagi walaupun ngga main marawis!!!terkadang hati rasa berkata" pa aye ngusulin ajach ye marawis di sini?? tapi ntu kayanya ngga mungkin cz pondok lagi ngebuat bangunan baru yang membutuh kan biaya yang gede tentunya jadi lah ngga usah lah.....ntar malah diprotes lagi!!"akhirnya ya udah lah ngga nape-nape!!kapan-kapan ajach main marawisnya!syukur2 pondok mw mbliin marawis!!!udeh dulu ye...kita ketemu di laen waktu assalamualaikum..............

seni musik marawis

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indahnya menjadi syuhada by miftahussalam

Friday 22 March 2002 about 10 o'clock local time, Israel Radio proclaim bomb explosion in a supermarket Nataynya, near Jerusalem. This caused three people killed and more than 40-orangluka injury. Alleged perpetrators of a strong Palestinian girls.

Republika quoted a report on 3 July 2002, the bombing of a martyr is the fact that a teenager aged 16 years old daughter, Ayat al-Akhras name.

For his family, syahidnya Ayat al-Akhras also quite surprising. Although that is syahidah highest ideals of his son, Al-Akhras Ny still just feel lost. With eyes tear, he repeats the words of the children when discussions concerning jihad an obligation for every Muslim Palestinian people. "What nikmatnya living death in the world when we always lurk. What a beautiful, death and humiliation in ketidakberdayaan or killed in the jihad field."

Shaadi Abu Laan (20), Paragraph prospective husband, termangu some time when the news is up to him. He nearly did not believe Verse mendahuluinya go so fast. But this July, Shaadi clear, "We are planning to officially settle. Begitu Paragraph pass the exam, we will occupy the house didekor not that simple." They, write Azaalcity, is one half of this year my fiance (khitbah). Both have been set up even the name 'Adiyy baby first.

Comrade young Muslims, Palestinian children are raised in environments full of conflict. Day after day difficulties of living they knit, crochet obstacles, and discount sewing nestapa life. They grow to be children rather than a more mature age. That is why they grow into the next generation fighter and a brave abstinence up. Beda banget with children who are living in a completely comfortable environment. Yes, perhaps we, as we here. We do not live nearly a hurdle, which means, perhaps even a bit of a challenge. Therefore, we are not motivated to fight and to create a more innovative in this life.

We-we who live in a safe area, especially gemah ripah loh jinawi, and tend to be slow in nyantai activity. Even that is going to remove so much spare time for the party and yippee-yippee. Try to see the life of adolescents United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, including in this country. Nearly all nyantai. More severe in our country. Never ancur current state-ancuran, eh, life remajanya also amburadul. Severe deh!
Comrade young Muslims, Ayat al-Akhras is the example for us. How the struggle of life is no need of a few. Even he must be willing to marry memupus dreams with the youth worship heart. He prefers to become a martyr. Beautiful!

Verse, according to ABC News, including a child smart and diligent study. Until the time the syahidnya, he still diligently exhort his friends to continue to study and learn. "Control of science and technology is very important and necessary to support our struggle, of any shape."
Hayfaa, friend, berujar, "He always preach that we must learn to run, despite obstacles and dangers threatening us around."

About jihad, Paragraph always said, "Jihad is the obligation of each Muslim. Including women. Why should we let our lives terenggut futile savagery zionis by Israel." Death of a mujahid, said he will raise the courage mujahid-mujahid others, not vice versa.

Paragraph Hayfaa not think that as soon as a martyr. In last days, he diligently collected pictures Palestinian mujahid. Study in table rows slogan-jihad slogans and heroic. "He went to join the other line martyr." (Republika, 3 July 2002)

Comrade young Muslims, verse, according to data Islamic Crescent Movement, is now recorded as syahidah both in Palestine or in the sixth line of action bomb martyr during the year 2002. Syahidahpertama is Wafa Idris (27), widow of flowers work as paramedics in Ramallah. He was killed in action before the end of January 2002 is a cause of Israel killed 100 people and harm the other.

In Palestine, action bomb martyr himself had held at least in the last 21 months and involve at least 250 mujahid, generally under the age of 30 years.
Not terror
Most people, especially those who hate Islam, his action kamikaze fighter as a form of Palestinian terror with a suicide bomb. This is the term that is very painful for us. Overtly poignant and annoyed when hearing or reading the news with the term suicide bombing. Press West deliberately expose such cases in the hope that the international condemn the action of the noble Palestinian combatants. I really evil?

Ironically, some of our misguided with their news, often close to the top of the warrior-soldier treatment Jewish citizens of Israel on Palestine. Perhaps, many of us who did not think a bit to criticize Jews. Wah, gaswat!

Comrade young Muslims, the Western press underhanded. They are always small things expose the Palestinian combatants in the fight Israel. For example, in telling about this bomb martyr. Kamikaze the combatant Palestinian diplintir like. Precisely their mendramatisir event, complete with frill Palestinian terror is over Israel. And that usually will be a justification (justification) countermeasure that Israel is far more formidable. You can see yourself, how the troops return to Israel-Jewish city of Jenin on hanguskan the Ariel Sharon of the wicked, as a reprisal action.

Perhaps because of provocation eaten accidentally press the western end of Islam is also part of the press look follow-up cynical people's struggle against the Palestinians before, as with the call, that terror does not solve the problem, and even bring death futile. Where, tega really give?

The question now, what terror is all evil? It's good you understand why some do actions combatant Palestinian terror in the opponent-lawannya (Israel and the minion-anteknya). First, I want terror Palestinaitupun said teroradalah counter terror, that is, the action balasanterhadap terror, tyranny, and oppression of Israel against the Palestinian nation as philosophy cliche, selemah-poor worms, I also diinjek stretch.

Second, Palestine is a terror action to prove the existence of the Palestinian nation's water seized Jewish land of Israel. This is exactly the attack with the General or attacks on Morning Yogyakarta on 1 March 1949 by India's freedom fighter, who proved to the world that the international still exists.

And third, above all, the Palestinian terror is seen as part of jihad. Hence, the Palestinian terror while berdimensi humanitarian, political, and also relijius. So, not a vanity, buddy!
What is Israel? That is certainly called terror dong. Oops .., not only terror, but at the same time raiding, pillaging and slaughter. Terlaknat Jewish!

Not suicide
Comrade young Muslims, action bomb martyr of the Palestinian combatants average is still young bukanlan suicide. For, we are sure of, they are not likely to make suicide. Suicide is not only action but clearly incompetent sin. Messenger of Allah. He said: He killed himself with a sharp iron, the tool that will use it in the stomach dihunjamkan to come in later in the Fire; in it everlasting and eternal. He killed himself with the poison, and soon the fire blasted poison will be drunk with his hands, he remained in it eternal. Whoever plunge from a mountain (that high) to suicide, he will dive in the Fire; in it everlasting and eternal. (HR Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidzi, Nasai, and Ibn Majah from Abu Hurairah ra, in al-Fath al-Kabir III/224)

The jihad activities, such as action bomb martyr is our brother in Palestine, in which the activity can bring to the death (according to the definitive sunatullah) or the risk of death for the perpetrators, it will include exception from the generality of the prohibition law suicide . Allah says: O Prophet, kobarkanlah the spirit of the Believers to fight (TQS al-Anfl [8]: 65)

Comrade young Muslims, the commentary of experts connect this verse with a history that relate to erupt before the War Badr al-Kubra, the Prophet. has said: Bersegeralah (a place) that there is (can) reach Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth. Then Umair bin Al-Humam ask, Is it wide as the heavens and the earth Yes, answer He, serayaUmair said, wah, wah, wah (epic). Then Prophet. And said, What mendorongmu say wah, wah, wah? The answer, Because I hope to be penghuninya. He then said, You certainly become penghuninya. Then the man that the sword scabbard ago issued a few grains dates. Eat some and discard the rest and said, If I am still alive until I spend these dates then this life is too long it was rushing forward to the future, the fight against the enemy (religion) until he died a martyr. (Shahih Muslim No. 1901, and Tafsir Ibn Katsir II/325).

Yup, it is not self, but part of the jihad activities. Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi, a Hamas leader, the suicide is usually done by desperate people who want to run away from problems. While the action is done with the intention martyr want to solve the problem, eliminate oppression. Al-Fidaii 'of life' gets done with the hope and grace of God Ridha. ''We do not doubt the least forward this action jihad until Israel hengkang from Palestinian areas.''(Republika, 5 July 2002)

We also want to be martyr
Comrade young Muslims, it seems very reasonable as you make us a good example of action the Palestinian kamikaze fighter. They are still a young age. But a matter of courage and spirit berkorbannya able to beat anyone. Hopefully we can also like them. Strengthened the desire in our hearts. That we also want to become a martyr in the struggle defend the religion of God.

Because we believe that death as a martyr is a glory and beauty of course. Firman Allah SWT.: Verily Allah has purchased of the believers, their property and themselves by giving them to heaven. They fight in the way of Allah and they kill or killed. (At-TQS Taubah [9]: 111)

Comrade young Muslim prayer our brothers in Palestine we are able to destroy them so that the strength of Jewish and Israel stooge-antkenya (United States, England, and all the countries that support Israel Zionisme barbarian action). One word against Israel is a jihad. Not peace. Because, peace will only be pleased to make Israel and its stooge petinggi-anteknya. Instead, Palestinian people will still suffer. I was then when they fought against the Jews of Israel must die, I hope they become a martyr.

Comrade young Muslims, whether we do not want to get as their reward? We also have to have noble ideals such as those. Yes, become a martyr. Allahu Akbar! ?

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Zionisme dibawa ke dalam agenda dunia di akhir-akhir abad ke sembilan belas oleh Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), seorang wartawan Yahudi asal Austria. Baik Herzl maupun rekan-rekannya adalah orang-orang yang memiliki keyakinan agama yang sangat lemah, jika tidak ada sama sekali. Mereka melihat "Keyahudian" sebagai sebuah nama ras, bukan sebuah masyarakat beriman. Mereka mengusulkan agar orang-orang Yahudi menjadi sebuah ras terpisah dari bangsa Eropa, yang mustahil bagi mereka untuk hidup bersama, dan bahwa penting artinya bagi mereka untuk membangun tanah air mereka sendiri. Mereka tidak mengandalkan pemikiran keagamaan ketika memutuskan tanah air manakah itu seharusnya. Theodor Herzl, sang pendiri Zionisme, suatu kali memikirkan Uganda, dan ini lalu dikenal sebagai "Uganda Plan." Sang Zionis kemudian memutuskan Palestina. Alasannya adalah Palestina dianggap sebagai "tanah air bersejarah bagi orang-orang Yahudi", dibandingkan segala kepentingan keagamaan apa pun yang dimilikinya untuk mereka.

Petani dan Tembok Ratapan di depannya, yang menggambarkan pemimpin Zionis Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl, dan Prof. Mandelstamm, melukiskan "Impian Zionis."
Sang Zionis melakukan upaya-upaya besar untuk mengajak orang-orang Yahudi lainnya menerima gagasan yang tak sesuai agama ini. Organisasi Zionis Dunia yang baru melakukan upaya propaganda besar di hampir semua negara yang berpenduduk Yahudi, dan mulai berpendapat bahwa Yahudi tidak dapat hidup dengan damai dengan bangsa-bangsa lainnya dan bahwa mereka adalah "ras" yang terpisah. Oleh karena itu, mereka harus bergerak dan menduduki Palestina. Sebagian besar orang Yahudi mengabaikan himbauan ini.

Menurut negarawan Israel Amnon Rubinstein: "Zionisme (dulu) adalah sebuah pengkhianatan atas tanah air mereka (Yahudi) dan sinagog para Rabbi".15 Oleh karena itu banyak orang-orang Yahudi yang mengkritik ideologi Zionisme. Rabbi Hirsch, salah satu pemimpin keagamaan terkemuka saat itu berkata, "Zionisme ingin menamai orang-orang Yahudi sebagai sebuah lembaga nasional…. yang merupakan sebuah penyimpangan."16

Pemikir Islam Prancis yang terkenal Roger Garaudy melukiskan hal ini dalam sebuah pembahasan:

Musuh terburuk keyakinan Yahudi yang jauh ke depan adalah logika para nasionalis, rasis, dan kolonialis dari Zionisme kebangsaan, yang dilahirkan dari nasionalisme, rasisme, dan kolonialisme abad ke-19 di Eropa. Logika ini, yang menginspirasi semua penjajahan Barat dan semua perang antara satu nasionalisme dengan nasionalisme lainnya, adalah sebuah logika yang membunuh diri sendiri. Tidak ada masa depan atau keamanan bagi Israel dan tidak ada keamanan di Timur Tengah kecuali jika Israel meninggalkan paham Zionismenya dan kembali ke agama Ibrahim, yang adalah warisan bersama, bersifat keagamaan, dan persaudaraan dari tiga agama wahyu: Yudaisme, Nasrani, dan Islam.17

Dengan cara ini, Zionisme memasuki politik dunia sebagai sebuah ideologi rasis yang menganut paham bahwa Yahudi seharusnya tidak hidup bersama dengan bangsa-bangsa lain. Pertama-tama, ini adalah gagasan yang keliru yang menciptakan masalah parah bagi dan tekanan atas orang-orang Yahudi yang hidup dalam belenggu ini. Kemudian, bagi orang-orang Islam di Timur Tengah, paham ini membawa kebijakan Israel tentang pendudukan dan perebutan wilayah bersama-sama dengan kemiskinan, teror, pertumpahan darah, dan kematian.

Pendeknya, Zionisme sebenarnya adalah sebuah bentuk nasionalisme sekuler yang berasal dari filsafat sekuler, bukan dari agama. Akan tetapi, seperti dalam bentuk nasionalisme lainnya, Zionisme juga berusaha menggunakan agama untuk tujuannya sendiri.

Kesalahan Penafsiran Taurat oleh Para Zionis

Taurat adalah sebuah kitab suci yang diwahyukan kepada Nabi Musa. Allah berkata dalam Al-Qur'an: "Sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkan Kitab Taurat di dalamnya (ada) petunjuk dan cahaya (yang menerangi)…" (Al-Qur'an, 5:44). Al-Qur'an juga berkata bahwa Taurat kemudian akan dikotori oleh perkataan manusia di dalamnya. Inilah kenapa apa yang kita miliki saat ini adalah "Taurat yang menyimpang."

Akan tetapi, sebuah penelitian lebih dekat mengungkap adanya kebanyakan kebenaran agama yang terkandung dalam Kitab yang pernah diwahyukan ini, seperti keimanan kepada Allah, penghambaan diri kepada-Nya, bersyukur kepada-Nya, takut kepada Allah, cinta kepada Allah, keadilan, kasih sayang, cinta kasih, melawan kekejaman dan ketidakadilan, yang semuanya ditemukan di seluruh Taurat dan kitab lainnya dari Perjanjian Lama.

Terlepas dari ini, perang yang terjadi dalam sejarah dan pembunuhan yang terjadi karenanya juga disebutkan di dalam Taurat. Jika manusia ingin menemukan sebuah dasar, meskipun dengan memutarbalikkan kenyataan, untuk kekejaman, pembantaian, dan pembunuhan, mereka bisa menjadikan bab-bab dalam Taurat tersebut sebagai acuan. Zionisme memilih cara mutlak yang mengesahkan terorismenya, yang sebenarnya adalah sebuah terorisme fasis. Dan, ini sangat berhasil. Misalnya, Zionisme menggunakan bab-bab (dari Taurat) yang terkait dengan perang dan pembantaian untuk mengesahkan pembantaian orang-orang Palestina yang tak berdosa. Padahal, ini adalah sebuah penafsiran menyimpang yang disengaja. Zionisme menggunakan agama untuk mengesahkan fasismenya dan ideologi rasisnya.

Para Zionis juga mendasarkan pernyataan mereka pada penafsiran mereka tentang ayat-ayat yang berhubungan dengan "orang pilihan" yang pernah dikaruniakan Allah kepada orang Yahudi suatu kali. Beberapa ayat Al-Qur'an berhubungan dengan persoalan ini:

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pejuang palestina

artikel by miftahussalam

ZIONISME: A NASIONALISME betray the secular Judaism 

Zionisme brought to the agenda in the world in the late-late-nineteenth century by Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), an Austrian journalist Jewish origin. Both Herzl and colleagues are the people who have confidence in a very weak, if not there at all. They see the "Judaism" as the name of a race, not a society believe. They propose to the Jews as a race separate from the nations of Europe, impossible for them to live together, and that means it is important for them to build their own. They do not rely on religious thought when deciding what land it should. Theodor Herzl, the founder Zionisme, a time to think Uganda, and this is known as the "Uganda Plan." The Palestinians then decided Zionis. The reason is considered to be the Palestinians' historic homeland for the Jews, "compared to all the religious interests of any of them for them.

Farmers and the Wall in front of Lamentations, which describes the Zionis leader Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl, and Prof.. Mandelstamm, depict "Zionis Dreamland."
The Zionis make great efforts to invite the Jews to receive another idea that is not appropriate in this. The World Organization Zionis perform a new propaganda effort in almost every major country that has Jews, and began to think that Jews can not live in peace with other nations and that they are "race" is separate. Therefore, they must move and occupied Palestine. Most of the Jews ignore this Call.

According to the statesman of Israel Amnon Rubinstein, "Zionisme (Preview) is a stab in the top of their (Jewish) synagogues and the Rabbi" .15 Therefore, many Jews who criticize ideology Zionisme. Rabbi Hirsch, one of the leading religious leaders at that time said, "Zionisme want to name the Jews as a national institution .... That is an aberration." 16

Islam French thinker Roger Garaudy renowned figure in this case a discussion of:

Confidence worst enemy of Jews who are far ahead of the logic nationalist, racist, incendiary, and kolonialis from Zionisme nationality, born of the nationalism, racism, colonialism and 19th century in Europe. This logic, the Western Conference and all the colonial war between all the other nationalism with nationalism, which is a logic to kill themselves. There is no future or security for Israel and there is no security in the Middle East unless Israel understand Zionismenya leave and return to the religion of Abraham, which is inherited together, are religious, and the brotherhood of the three religious revelation: Judaism, Christian, and Islam.17

In this way, Zionisme entered the world as a political ideology that follow rasis understand that Jews should not live together with the other nations. First, this is a mistaken idea that created the problem and the severe pressure on the Jews who live in these cuffs. Then, for the people of Islam in the Middle East, understand this policy to bring about Israel and the region struggling with poverty, terror, bloodshed, and death.

In short, Zionisme is actually a form of secular nationalism that came from the secular philosophy, not from religion. However, as in other forms of nationalism, Zionisme also trying to use religion for their own purpose.

Error of law by the Zionis

Torah is a holy book revealed to the Prophet Moses. Allah said in Al-Qur'an: "Verily We have sent down the Book in the Torah (a) guidance and light (the light) ..." (Al-Qur'an, 5:44). Al-Qur'an also says that the Torah will then be stained by the word man in it. This is why what we have at this time is the "law of the deviant."

However, a closer study reveals the most truth in the religion of the Book who had revealed this, such as faith in God, penghambaan themselves to Him, be thankful to Him, to fear God, to God's love, justice, love, love, the cruelty and injustice, all found in the Torah and other books of the Old Testament.

Apart from this, the war that occurred in the history of the murders occurred and therefore also mentioned in the Torah. If people want to find a basis, despite the fact distort, to cruelty, slaughter, and murder, they can make the chapters in the Torah as a reference. Zionisme choose how to validate the absolute terorismenya, which is actually a fascist terrorism. And, this is very successful. For example, using Zionisme chapters (of the Torah) is associated with war and slaughter for slaughter legitimize Palestinian people that is not sinful. In fact, this is an interpretation of the sheer number. Zionisme use religion to legitimize fasismenya and ideology rasisnya.

The Zionis also base their statements on their interpretation of the verses dealing with "the choice" that had dikaruniakan God to the Jews a time. Some of Al-Qur'an verses dealing with this problem:

Hai Bani Israil, ingatlah akan ni'mat-Ku yang telah Aku anugerahkan kepadamu dan (ingatlah pula) bahwasanya Aku telah melebihkan kamu atas segala umat45. (Qur'an, 2:47)

Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan kepada Bani Israil Al Kitab (Taurat), kekuasaan dan kenabian dan Kami berikan kepada mereka rezki-rezki yang baik dan Kami lebihkan mereka atas bangsa-bangsa (pada masanya). (Qur'an, 45:16)

"Sesungguhnya Allah telah membeli dari orang-orang mukmin, diri dan harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga untuk mereka. Mereka berperang pada jalan Allah, lalu mereka membunuh atau terbunuh. (Itu telah menjadi) janji yang benar dari Allah di dalam Taurah, Injil dan Al-Quran. Dan siapakan yang telah menepati janjinya (selain) daripada Allah? Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan itu, dan itulah kemenangan yang sebenar."

(At-Taubah: 111)

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miftahussalam ITC

engga usah malu2

This time I class 4 SD when I was at it again pengen2 circumcision. Finally, both the tuaku the circumcision for the event and call a doctor.
In fact the doctor who will meyunatku guy is a doctor and several assistants who also do it. When he opened menyuruhku trousers, akupun ashamed, and he said "I need red-faced, gini-gini liat I also often have more people who gede from which you have"